We Bring Accessible Healthcare Closer To You

Allowing you to control your medical data, better manage health conditions and cut healthcare costs

Access Your Health History

Secure cloud-based healthcare record data storage. Access with your mobile App. Share with your Doctor.

Write Your Health History

Use a mobile phone to screen your Vital Signs. Access medical screening devices at your nearest Pharmacy.

Manage Your Health

See trends and changes over time. Manage your medication. Log your activities. Connect with the Doctor.

Technology-powered Innovations

AkomaDoc is at the global forefront of reinventing healthcare by bringing technology-powered diagnostic tools to manage your health. We use the power of your mobile phone, providing a cloud-based data platform, adding smart screening devices and AI data-driven decision support tools for analytics.

We Empower Self-managed Healthcare

You are in charge. Understanding your condition and following screening results, allows you to see what works best for you and empower you to ask questions and tell healthcare professionals what you want. Recognising when your symptoms and screening results are changing, knowing what to do and when to get help can reduce your risk of serious complications.

Keep Healthcare Professionals In the Loop

You can easily provide access and share your data with your Doctor. For healthcare professionals and facilities we offer a remote screening opportunity and secure patient medical record storage with historical readings and activity log. Employers can use the AkomaDoc platform to take care of their employee health. Providing early screening and yearly check-up allows to support employees wellbeing and make them more happy.

Providing Accessible & Affordable Healthcare

AkomaDoc cooperates with your local pharmacy to give you access to screening devices. We support a wide range of connected devices for different conditions. We also use the power of your mobile phone capabilities and AI analytics to give access to Vital Sign screening anytime, anywhere (internet connection needed).

Conditions to Manage


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