Thanks for the recent health screening you had with the AkomaDoc team. Please fill in the survey below.

1. Would you be interested in having access to your health data in the FREE AkomDoc App?
2. Would you prefer to go to a Pharmacy to do a screening with connected devices (Blood Pressure (BP) and Heart Health (ECG)) and see the results in your AkomaDoc App?
3. Would you be willing to use your phone camera to do a 40 second vital sign (BP, HR, RR) screening at home? This will be a functionality within AkomaDoc App.
4. Would you be willing to pay a monthly cost for such a solution (It includes AkomaDoc App with FREE access to connected devices (BP and ECG) in Pharmacies and camera based screening for home-use, option to manage and share your personal healthcare records)?
5. How much would you be willing to pay monthly for service mentioned above?
6. Beside patient, who else should cover such health screening costs?
7. Comments / Suggestions for AkomaDoc Team